Movement & Puppetry

Physical Performance & Puppetry have been at the heart of my work for a decade and a half, in live theatre, film and TV.

Find out more about my company PERFORMANCE FX (including our specialization in VFX reference puppetry) or read on below for more information:

  • Performing movement and puppetry for film, TV and theatre
  • Creating and supervising movement and puppetry teams on feature film projects, large and small
  • Collaborating closely with Visual FX as performer and puppeteer
  • Working and performing with CFX and SFX teams on set, and the in the R&D process
  • Motion control including flying rigs and Radio Control performance
  • Creature, Character and Animal Movement  (in costumes, performance capture, anamatronics and puppets)

Watch my showreel of work as a Movement Artist, in the box on the right, or directly on Vimeo!

Recent projects:

Performing the puppeteered droid D-O in The Rise of Skywalker with fellow puppeteer Lynn Robertson Bruce, and the amazing creature team under Neil Scanlan. Lead Puppeteer on Tom and Jerry for Warner Bro working closely with the VFX team, as well as Director Tim Story and the lead cast Chloe Grace Moretz. Supervising Creature Puppeteer on Fantastic Beasts 1 & 2Lead Puppeteer on LIFE, Creature Puppeteer on Jurrassic World: Fallen Kingdom, The Last Jedi & The Force Awakens, & Puppetry and motion control on Gravity, both for Warner Bros; Voice and Puppetry originating the character of William Whiskerson for BBC Learning, Original West End cast of War Horse as puppeteer and actor, feature film projects as a puppeteer for both Warner Bros and Disney (in post production), two projects with Complicite, lead performer and Movement Assistant to Toby Sedgwick in London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, AND additional puppetry on The Muppets Most Wanted (though only a tiny bit!).

I’m really proud to be part of what is a long tradition of British physical theatre. I grew up loving companies like Trestle, Kneehigh, Complicite and Frantic Assembly. I’m so thrilled to have been able to already work with so many of my peers, and look forward to continuing as part of this highly creative movement in theatre and film over the coming years.

Below is the official behind the scenes footage from Jurrassic World: Fallen Kingdom &  then from a little further back, Gravity:

Being part of the Creature Puppeteers for Fallen Kingdom was one of the most exciting projects I’ve done to date – with a wonderful, collaborative and highly skilled team of makers, fabricators and puppeteers. And with the team I spent time performing Blue‘s Head & Jaw, Trex gross movement, The Indo Raptor head mech and (not in this making of), VFX reference for certain baby raptors. Enjoy:

I know it’s ancient history now, but I am so proud to see some of the shots our puppetry ‘Movement Artists’ worked on, in there. Do look out for my ginger head, but mainly enjoy it! Having finally seen the film, after roughly 2 years of post, I am happy to say that it is AMAZING!